WK-PAC-001-SET Artica Gelo Apollo MK2 Window Kit with Rain Guard

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This is the full window kit with Rain Guard for Artica and Gelo Portable Air Conditioning. The pack contains

Window Kit:
Window Panels

1) Window Panel - back plate x1 (WK-100003)
2) Extension Panel x1 (WK-100002)
3) Adjustment Panel x1 (WK-100001)
4) Rain Shield x1 (WK-100000)
5) Screw  x 8 (HOSA-100003)
6) Bracket x1  (WK-100004)
7) Screws M4 x 4  (WK-100005)
8) Guard Net x1  (WK-100006)
9) Washer x 4  (WK-100007)
10) Spring Washer x 4  (WK-100008)
11) Nut x 4  (WK-100009)
12) Foam Seal A x 1  (WK-100010)
13) Foam Seal B  x 2  (WK-100011)

Rain Guard:
14) Long Rain Guard x1 (WK-100012)
15) Short Rain Guard x1 (WK-100013)