FDE-100004 DC202 Air Purification - 3-in-1 Anti-Allergy, Charcoal & Deodorising Fitler

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DC202-3-in-1 Filter

  • 3 Stage Anti- Allergy, Charcoal & Deodorise Filter.
  • Traps various dust, air borne particles and odour, and recirculates cleaner air back to the environment.
  • Suitable for asthma, hayfever and allergy sufferers, effectively helps controls mould, condensation, bacteria growth, house mites and odour.
  • Do not wash the 3 in 1 filter. Clean only with a vacuum cleaner.
  • The filter should be replaced after 3 to 6 months, depending on usage and the environment.
  • Only use 3 in 1 filter for air purification purpose and remove the 3 in 1 filter during the dehumidification.