FDE-100000 DD1 Classic & DD1 Simple Silver Nano Filter

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The Silver Nano Technology releases silver ions that inhibits air-borne bacteria from multiplying.  Used with the DD1 desiccant dehumidifier air-borne bacteria will be controlled. 

We recommend that the Silver Nano filter should be replaced annually and cleaned every 2 weeks.  Simply brush off the excess dust or a gentle vacuum will suffice, do not wash or rinse as this will remove the Silver Nano on the filter.

Compatible Models DD1 Classic Blue | DD1 Classic Black | DD1 Classic Pink | DD1 Simple Blue | DD1 Simple Black | DD1 Simple Pink | D122 Simple D122

    Specification Silver Nano Filter
    Inhibits Bacteria when used with the dehumidifier YES
    Applicable Models DD1 Simple and DD1 Classic
    Dimension mm 238 x 256 x 2
    Color White

    Note: Due to our policy of innovation some specifications may be changed without notification.