SA-100001 Digital Hygrometer Thermometer

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A must have for every household to keep up to date with the humidity level in your home.  

A compact and lightweight reader with large numeric display for easy reading at a glance.

This humidity and temperature reader ensure that you are always aware of changes in your home and office.

Temperature Range: -10°C ~ +50°C

Humidity Range: 20% ~ 95% RH

The temp accuracy range around ± 1℃ and humidity accuracy is ±3% RH


How to read your EcoAir Digital Hygrometer Thermometer

1) The main display will automatically show your ambient temperature and humidity level.  The display will toggle between the 2 readings in 5 seconds interval.

2) The right side displays gives you the maximum and the minimum temperature and humidity levels recorded.

We recommend that you place the hygrometer o n a table.  Do not place in close proximity to a heating or cooling source to provide a more accurate reading of the room ambient.

Battery not included, Button Cell Battery x 1. LR44 or AG13